Scholars in interstellar civilizations have noticed that across the universe, across species, in every civilization, on every planet, the gods adhere to certain archetypes. While many gods are best represented through a combination of archetypes, some really do represent just one.

In highly cosmopolitan areas, its very common to see people talk about gods as the archetypes, and a sort of de facto pantheon, the Unified Pantheon, has sprung up. However, on throne worlds or in other places dominated primarily by a single culture (or the conglomerated culture of a single planet/system), it's more likely to hear people talk about individual cultural gods.

The Dragon Empire, however, eschews the Unified Pantheon for the Draconic Pantheon. The idea is broadly the same, dragons just say that their gods are the true gods and all other gods are pale reflections and murky misunderstandings of them.

It's hilarious to put a hard core Catholic in the same room as a Kobold priest. Especially since only one can call down divine fire.

The Draconic Pantheon and the Unified Pantheon are actually pretty much the same pantheon.

Aasterinian/The Merchant Edit

Domains: Knowledge, Luck, Travel and Trickery

Aasterinian is the draconic messenger goddess. She is cheeky and good humoured, and represented as a brass dragon. She enjoys disturbing the shit, and is flighty, but quick-witted. She encourages her followers to be the same.

The Merchant is much the same, but is seen primarily as a representative of the free market, fair contracts, and, in her more positive aspects, gifts and charity.

Aasterinian and The Merchant are both Chaotic Neutral, and are worshipped by merchants, smugglers, traders, thieves and often diplomats.

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