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Dragonstar is a very early third party setting for the d20 rules which took Dungeons and Dragons and put it into a space fantasy milieu, sort of like Spelljammer, but with more of a nod towards science. While Spelljammer was pure magic in space, the setting of Dragonstar is predicated on magic and technology. Technology is fairly advanced, but anything that would break the laws of physics, such as FtL travel, uses magic.

Dragonstar: EnterpriseEdit

The standard Dragonstar premise is literally "Dungeons and Dragons IN SPACE." I'm going with a premise that is a bit different, primarily focused on a near future alternate reality where modern earth is visited (or rather, crashed upon) by aliens. With magic.

While the series, at least what I saw of it, was pretty mediocre and pandered to a more juvenile audience, Star Trek Enterprise touches on a similar premise, so I'm going to shamelessly steal its subtitle.

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